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Handrail Bolts

Quality Wooden Stairs

Handrail Bolts for Handrail to Handrail connections

handrail bolts in a series of lengths

Handrail Bolt Selection

Stairplan offer handrail bolts in lengths from 60 to 120mm

60mm in length, this is the minimum size suitable for connecting 2 handrail sections together,

we also offer a selection of Premium handrail bolts in the following lengths 80mm | 100mm | 120mm


The premium RBS Handrail bolts come with a bespoke slotted nut , this makes the installation easier.

Handrail bolts can be ordered online through our online store.

Order Handrail Bolts Online

The benefit of the longer bolts we offer is you are left with a stronger connection because more timber is left
between the bolt hole and the end of the handrail.

Standard handrail bolt 80mm long handrail bolt fixing
RB - Pack of 3 60mm handrail bolts with standard nuts RBS - 80mm Handrail bolt with a slotted nut.
wholesale prices on the 100mm handrail bolt fixings trade prices on the handrail bolts we offer
RBS100 - 100mm Handrail bolt with a slotted nut. RBS120 - 120mm Handrail bolt with a slotted nut.

Order your handrail bolts online


Order Glass panles for stairs

Look at The Townsend Staircase | New Vision Glass Balustrade Option | Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrading

Order S-Vision Components Online

Stairplan are one of the UK's Leading Staircase manufacturers and Balustrading suppliers we supply a large number of Merchants, Joinery Companies, Builders and Loft Conversion specialists aswell as supplying directly to the Public being is a Self build project, a loft conversion or a Replacments staircase or Balustrade.

Measuring your Stairs Measuring your staircase


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