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Pine stairs with MDF Treads

Quality Wooden Stairs

MDF Treads

Mdf treads are currnetly the lowest cost option when choosing the timber options in your staircase, whilst MDF is an accepted timber product to use as a stair tread it there are many different grades and manufacturers of MDF so extra care needs to be taken when buying staircases at the very botom end of the market. as a ISO9001 acredited staircase manufacturer we take great care in the products used in our staircases but if you are looking to purchase a single staircase and your not a volume staircase buyer we would reccommend upgrading to a engineered Pine timber tread option for the small costs incurred..

The life span of a staircase with MDF treads is generally shorter than a staircase with timber treads, things that will shorten the effective life of the stair is - if the staircase is not installed by a professional carpenter and extra care is not taken to ensure correct fixings and adhesives are used. - Iif care is not taken when installing the carpet - when fitting the gripper rods the carpet installer must fix these with screws rather than the standard nail fixings to avoid unneccessary impact damage that may be caused to the MDF.

A staircase with MDF treads is mainly purchased by developers where the cost of there project is the main focus.

Why do we offer stairs with MDF Treads ?

We still offer stairs with MDF treads as we compete in a very competitive market when producing large volumes of staircases on a daily basis.

Environmental Issues ?

It is expected that in the not to distant future MDF will become a problem material when it comes to disposal with currently no means of being able to recycle MDF.

MDF Treads



22mm Engineered Pine treads are, Far superior than MDF Treads , MDF stair treads are very easy to produce hence the savings for having a stair with MDF Treads but they will reduce the life span of a staircase significantly in comparison to a Pine Tread,

The MDF tread has a number of weaknesses starting with its vulnerability to water to its ease of splitting, damage is frequently caused by carpet fitters also as MDF isn't the easiest material to nail into.
It is advised that carpet strips are screwed on to staircases with MDF tread and not nailed.
During the assembly of a winder staircase with MDF Treads please ensure that all fixings are Pre-drilled to avoid splitting the MDF.
Also please ensure all connections are glued witha D3 grade PVA wood glue or superior. Eg - Where the tread goes into the string, where the riser goes into the groove under the Tread, where the riser meets the back of the tread. the glue blocks under the tread and the Wedges.

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